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Garbage Bags

Manufacturer and distributor of garbage bags at wholesale prices. Good quality garbage bags with factory price. Tel. 081-699-9108, 086-789-3447, 035-950-668, 065-681-7594, 095-382-8565

Black Garbage Bags

Used to put all kinds of garbage, wet garbage. General dry waste is suitable for use in all general locations.

Nursery Bags

Suitable for kindergarten, perennial seedlings, flowering plants, drainage bag, lifetime 3-4 months.

Plastic Gloves

Protect your hands from dirt. Whether cooking, hair dyeing, or other activities

Color Garbage Bags

Used to put all kinds of garbage, wet garbage. General dry waste is suitable for use in all general locations.

From the experience in the packaging industry of Charoen Sup Packaging and Supply Partnership was found under the purpose "Serve demands of our quality packaging, not only saw an important quality of the product but we also focus on the image of product together throughout". Hence, we seek the materials to get high qaulity and reasonable prices packaging for customer's satisfaction. Since long experience as a result of Charoen Sup Packaging and Supply Partnership as a specialist in plastic product LDPE, HDPE, PP. There are three groups as follows.

The product appearance that we offer are standard model which you can find at general market and specific model to satisfy our customers who want the specific product details. Besides, quality raw materials and impressive service we have the team that full of experience and ready to provide satisfaction to you, that allow us get trust from the customer always about automotive parts manufacturer, electronic parts manufacturer, daily appliance products, and industrial products to export. And follow the policy "Produce quality products under the terms of customer satisfaction and continuous development".

Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are plastic bags that we use to pack garbage. Or items that we no longer use To be disposed of in a variety of colors and sizes according to the job, such as black garbage bags or black bags used for wet waste, dry garbage, general waste can be disposed of, tea colored garbage bags or tea bags used for wet waste, dry waste, garbage bags. Green It can be reused over and over again. Red trash bag or red bag Suitable for waste that cannot be recycled. It will look like a straight cut bag.

Solid Waste

Residues and other wastes Caused by human and animal activities This includes anything collected from the street, market or elsewhere, from production, consumption, excretion, livelihood, etc.

Type of Garbage

• Wet waste refers to easily digestible waste such as food waste, vegetables, fruit peels, etc.
• Dry waste refers to waste that is difficult to degrade such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, rags, cloth, wood, rubber, etc.
• Hazardous waste includes chemicals, toxic substances, battery remains, light bulbs, and infectious waste from nursing homes.

1. Use waterproof to the things. We can put a garbage bag and put it in another layer in the bag. Before putting the clothes on In order to prevent water entering the bag Which may cause the contents of the bag to get wet Although the material used in many bags is waterproof. But keep in mind that each bag often has several channels for water entry, such as along the seams or zips, and if used for a long time. The coated solution may come off as well as its service life. But if we have to bring luggage in a rubber boat, rafting or canoe, we can put the backpack in a garbage bag and tie the bag. It will be able to help prevent the backpack from getting wet to a certain extent.

2. It is used to prevent wet firewood. If we have to save firewood for use the following morning It can be cut out with a garbage bag. And covered firewood To prevent the dew that will wet the firewood.

3. Used to separate the wet and dry. Sometimes we have wet items, such as clothes to wear to the waterfall. Or an outfit that has been walking in the rain all day We can put these items in trash bags. To separate wet and dry things.

4. Used to make a raincoat / windbreaker. We can cut the end of the garbage bag out into a hole for the head. And cut off the sides so that the arm can pass through We will have a simple shirt that we can use to prevent rain. Or windproof.

5. Used to make a water bucket. We can make a container or store water from the trash bag. By placing the wood on the floor at four corners to make pillars Then put the garbage bags into the four corners of the pillar We will have a rectangular tank. Which we can put water into for easy use Where we don't have to walk to fetch water frequently The trash bag that will be used to make the water bucket should be a little thicker. Or stacked in 2 layers, which is even better because the water has a lot of pressure If using a thin bag, it may break.

6. Used to make a rain cover. We can cut multiple garbage bags. Then come together in a large sheet And used to make a temporary rain shelter Or we may have to cover the roof of the tent again. To prevent dew seeping into the tent The rain cover that gets the trash bag may not be very good. Compared with the plastic used to protect the rain. But it can also be used in an emergency if you forget to bring plastic cloth.

7. Used for flooring. Let us cut the garbage bag and unfold to make a square plastic sheet. That can be used for flooring for sleeping Or can sit Or may be used under the tent not to let the tent get dirty. Which we can use instead of plastic cloth.

Our Policy : " Quality Products Supply, Affordable, Delivery on Time "

" Thank you all customers that gave us a chance to provide services and to be a part of your business. "

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